Sport Centre


The sports programme in Crawford University is not designed to for competitive purposes but strictly as a medium of facilitating healthy well-being of students and staff; also to facilitate the building of a healthy bond of friendship, relationship and team-spirit. This is so because of our firm belief in the scripture that says “Bodily exercise profiteth little”, (1 Timothy 4: 8), stands.

History of Crawford University Sport Centre and Sporting Programmes

At the inception of Crawford University in June 2005, the sporting programmes of the university was directly coordinated by the Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Babalola. He managed the affairs of the centre until Mr. Henry Fiewor came on board as the Head of ICT Unit (Eduportal Unit).

Mr. Henry Fiewor, in 2009 voluntarily took up the supervision, coordination and directing the affairs of sports in Crawford University as soon as he resumes duty because of his love and passion for sports, this formally gave birth to the Sports Department.

The new department reported directly to the pioneer Dean of Students Affairs – Prof. Babalola.

The Crawford University Football League

In a short-time, setup a football federation comprising entirely of students who were duly elected by their mates to fill set positions in the Federation. The election held and still holds annually in the male hostel’s common room.

With the setting up of the Football federation, an annual football league was started. Up to the close of 2013/2014 session, the Crawford University football league  was call “Crawford La-Liga”. The being of 2014/2015 session saw the re-branding and renaming of the league and it’s now called the “Crawford University Premiership”.

The league runs every First Semester.

The Crawford University Basketball League

In 2011, an annual Basket Ball League and the Basket Ball Federation came into existence.

Crawford University Female Football League

2015 saw the birth of Crawford Female Football League; with the Female Football league came the inauguration of a Female Football Federation.

Other Sport Federations

Other federating bodies were set up so to help fill the void for sporting activities and to help active the original objective of the sports department of “as a medium of facilitating healthy well-being of students and staff; also to facilitate the building of a healthy bond of friendship, relationship and team-spirit”.

By 2018/2019 session Mr. Henry Fiewor had created and inaugurated the following:

  1. The Crawford University Table-Tennis Federation
  2. The Crawford University Board Games Federation
  3. The Crawford University Lawn-Tennis Federation
  4. The Crawford University Volley-Ball Federation
  5. The Crawford University Athletics Federation

Inter-Departmental Games

Annual Inter-Departmental Games which brings together all departments every second semester was started in 2011 session. It has always been low-keyed but very interesting. Two games had been participated in over the years. The games are Football and Basketball.

University Friendlies

In recent times, I had encouraged and arranged friendly games. These games have been in two categories – Inter-University and Intra-University games.

 Inter-University Games:

2013 and 2015 saw Crawford University with Covenant University engaged in healthy games for friendship and health. We had Inter Staff games which saw the staff of both Universities engaging in football, table-tennis, badminton and chess games. During this period, we also had Student (male and female) football games as well as table tennis, badminton and basketball games.

2013 and 2015 also saw Crawford University and Bells University playing friendly football games.

Intra-University Games: Staff – Student Friendlies

2012/2013 Academic Session a Staff versus Student football games was organised by the sports department for the first time in the history of Crawford University. Designed to help fulfil the vision and mission of the department, it was simply was such a beautiful experience that is now part of Crawford University’s convocation ceremony package yearly.

The Graduate Games

2014/2015 Session saw the introduction of the Graduate Games. It was Undergraduate versus Post-Graduate Football Games. The games were held for the first time in June 2015.

Mr. Henry E. Fiewor – Sports Coordinator 2009 – 2019 +234 802 300 3436

Sports Committee

In 2015/2016 session the first sports committee was inaugurated, it was chaired by Dr. John Adeola with Mr. Joseph Majasan and its secretary; Mr. Henry Fiewor still served in the committee.

In November 2019, Mr Henry Fiewor handed over the running of sports in Crawford University to Mr. Taiwo Oyeneye as the Ag. Director of Sport.