Exams and Records Unit is one of the Units under the Academic Affairs Division of the Registry, Crawford University.  This Unit was created in October 2010 and from that moment until date, the Unit is assigned the following responsibilities;

Registration of students’ courses on the computer or online:  The Unit is responsible for making sure that the necessary courses for the student’s registration are entered into the eduportal database and are made available for the students to register.  Any amendments on the courses registered by the individual students are handled by the Unit.

Uploading/Entering of the students’ results online: Exams and Records Unit is responsible for the upload/entering of the individual student’s result into the University’s Eduportal.  Besides that, the Unit is also responsible for the updating of the results entered into the eduportal.

Preparation of the students’ results for Senate’s consideration: From the results uploaded into the eduportal database, broadsheets are generated by the Unit on behalf of the Collegesfor Senate’s consideration.

Maintenance of the University’s Eduportal Database:  The Unit is responsible for keeping the records of the students’ on the eduportal database up-to-date.  This recordsincludes their personal data, courses registered, results etc.

Preparation of students’ transcripts and resultslips: From the results uploaded into the eduportal database, student’s transcripts and results slips are generated.  The Transcript Unit of the Registry produces the students’ transcripts using the information uploaded and the students, check their results using the same information.

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