Guidance and Counselling is the bedrock of achieving self- actualization. It is a process of helping people to discover their needs, interest, and capabilities in order to formulate their own goals and make plans to realize them.

Counselling can be seen as the process by which a person is helped by a professional counsellor to voluntarily change his behaviour, clarify his attitude, ideas and goals so that his problem may be solved.

Crawford University Counselling Unit is  staff and students support service provider.

In general terms, the unit is focused on these issues namely:

  • To help the students understand themselves, their areas of strengthen, weakness and potentials.
  • To help the students gain adequate knowledge of the world around them, the people, the opportunities and the possible challenges.
  • To guide the students into making well-informed choices based on their self-appraisal and choices based on their self and the environmental dynamics.
  • We make use psychological test to diagnose our clients and give appropriate counsel.
  • Organized career events like talks/guidance on career choices.
  • We provide counselling services to students in the areas of academics, vocational and personal social concerns.
  • To provide adequate job information and educational information.
  • To provide appropriate referrals for social, economic and emotional problems of students.
  • Organized training on assertiveness skills, Building Self Esteem, anger management, Time Management, Stress management etc.
  • Orientation program for new students/staff.
  • Provide information on family Education.
  • Equip students Time Management toward effective study skills.
  • Counselling also serves as a link between parents and students in follow up services, especially students with special needs.