Scholarship and Work Study Administration

The office of Scholarship and Work Study Administration

The office of Scholarship and Work Study Administration (SAWSA) came into being in September 2017,under the auspices of the Vice-Chancellor Crawford University, Prof. Rotimi Ajayi and the senate of Crawford University. The office was established for the purpose of identifying students with excellent academic performance in each department of their respective colleges and within their specific levels of study. A major aim of the establishment of the office of Scholarship and Work Study Administration is to ensure that students are encouraged to achieve academic excellence in their respective disciplines. The criteria for selection of the university scholars are academic excellence which would still have its pride of place but would not necessarily be the sole basis for selection, other criteria may follow, as informed by the directives of the promoter of this particular university scholarship. The workings of the office of scholarship and work study administration presently suggests the beginning of a journey for Crawford university in our quest to create an ever-widening access to higher education for generations of Nigerians, even of other Nationalities from the African continent that would want to drink from the Crawford university cistern of knowledge with Godliness, the office therefore with requisite backing from the Vice-Chancellor has been saddled with the task of seeking out sources and avenues for funds and resources for the purposes of aid, encouragement and recognition of worthy students.

The maiden Crawford University scholars with management team and director, SAWSA

The Work Study arm of the office attends to the needs of indigent students by giving them the opportunity to work and earn some stipends along with their academic pursuits.

Since its inception, SAWSA has recorded commendable success as seven scholars were identified and recognized from the College of Natural Applied Sciences and the College of Business and Social Sciences respectively as at Rain semester 2016/2017 Academic Session. Each of the students were presented with cash Award and plaques of Excellence by the Vice-Chancellor Prof Rotimi Ajayi and the Director of Scholarship and Work Study Administration, Prof Alaba Simpson. During the cash gift award ceremony, the maiden scholars were presented before the entire academic University community while the plaques were presented to them in the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

The maiden Crawford University scholars holding up their plaques

It is believed that the student community were gingered and encouraged by the performance of their colleagues and would strive for better performance in their academic ventures.

  • Director of SAWSA
  • Dr. Bernard Omisore