Entrepreneurship as a career choice is not for everyone! But, it is imperative that everybody should learn to think like an entrepreneur. Crawford University is rooted in entrepreneurship and continually strives to empower her students with an entrepreneurial outlook.

Students displayed Entrepreneurship products

Our primary mandate at CEIN is to produce godly graduates who will be self sufficient with entrepreneurial culture and spirit. In order to achieve this, we inspire our students with confidence, courage, and the will to undertake entrepreneurial steps. Many of our students express the desire to learn how to launch their own business. During their stay on campus in Crawford University, students begin to make those ideas a reality.

We establish lecture series, competitions, conferences, workshops, and other activities that nourish and provide students with the basic know-how that sustain their entrepreneurial spirit. These activities are compulsory for all the students in Crawford University irrespective of their course of study. Each of the degree programs has a strong focus on cultivating students’ entrepreneurial skills.  These actually allow students to view the world from new perspectives. We equip students with the skills required in establishing businesses or making them add value to existing systems, if employed in organizations.

CEIN courses involve both theory and practical classes. The courses aim at re-orientating students towards a job-creation mind-set rather than the fixed attitude of job-seeking. All 200 Level students undergo the theoretical aspect of the training by focusing on the general practice of entrepreneurship. At 300 Level, students go through a vocational training of their choice while crop farming is compulsory. At 400 Level, our students are certified in their chosen vocations by undergoing a pre-incubational programme in order to develop business ideas and transform them into viable start ups.