Adeola John
Dr. Adeola A.J.

Dr. Adewole John ADEOLA 
B.Sc.(OAU), PGD, M.A. (RCBC), M.Sc., Ph.D (Ibadan)
Academic Status: Senior Lecturer
Specialization: Mineral Exploration Economic Geology
Office: Room 1, Department of Geology, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Crawford University, Igbesa, Nigeria
Contact: Tel: +234- 8038120171,  +234- 8126867954
Email: kiwoleadeola@yahoo.comn             


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Curriculum Vitae : (on request)

Current Research

  • Compositional study and industrial applications of weathering profiles over basement complex of Oru-Ijebu Igbo, South western Nigeria.
  • Compositional characteristics and economic potentials of lateritic profiles over basement complex rocks in Pankshin area, North central, Nigeria.
  • Economic potentials of lateritic profiles over basement rocks and sedimentary terrain In Ijebu Ode Area, South Western, Nigeria
  • Geochemical patterns and economic potentials of lateritic profiles over basement rocks in Idi Ayunre and Akure Areas, Area, South Western, Nigeria
  • Chemical variations in the weathered layers of  Tertiary basalts  in Bokkos-Panyam and its environs, North central, Nigeria.