Olukunle Adebayo

Mr. Adebayo is a lecturer in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences department; where he currently coordinates the ICT Programme.

He is a PhD student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria; where he also graduated with a Master’s degree in Information Science (M. Inf.Sc.). He holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech.) in Computer Science from the Federal University of Technology Akure, possessing relevant skills in implementing and managing computing systems, databases and network infrastructures, with a brief experience in telecoms. He is passionate about achieving smart workplaces, secure digitization and interchange of data and information, and grassroots computing education, training and mentoring.


Social Informatics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems Security and Digital Forensics.


Communication and Information Theory, Computer Architecture, Management Information System, Switching Systems, Queuing Theory, Telecommunications and Telecommunications Regulation.


  • University Academic Staff Training Workshop: “Improving Teaching and Research”, June 3-4 2019. Crawford University, Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • Crawford University Science Conference and Fair (CUSCAF): Science and Technology Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, Held at Crawford University, Nigeria. 23rd-25th, October, 2018.
  • Academic Staff Training Workshop on “University Culture and Corporate Productivity” at Crawford University, Nigeria, May 2-3, 2018.
  • Africa Regional Centre for Information Science (ARCIS) 4th Biennial Lecture “Africa’s Footprint in the Digital Age” -. Held at Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan, on 29th November, 2017.
  • Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme for Tertiary Institutions (ADAPTI) training, organized by Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) and the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) held at Crawford University Computer Centre, October 16-20th, 2017.

Theses and Dissertations:

  • An Online Application for Mobile-Terminated Bulk Messaging-Design and implementation – (B.Tech individual student project, July 2010)
  • Computer Anxiety and Computer Self-Efficacy in Computer-Based Tests in Selected Universities in South-West Nigeria – (M.Inf.Sc Thesis, University of Ibadan, Oct., 2015.)
  • Sociotechnical Correlates of E-voting Adoptability and Readiness for Nigeria General Elections (Proposed)

Selected Publications (In Journals):

  • Ekpo R.H. & Adebayo O.J. (2019) Internet of Things Based Solution for Asthma Inhaled Medication Non-adherence and Incompetence. Crawford Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (CJNAS). Vol.1
  • Adebayo, O. J. & Moyinoluwa T. D. (2018). “ICT in Teacher Education Preparation: Integration and Proficiency”. Academic Journal of Research and Development (AJORAD).Vol. 8(1).
  • Adebayo, O. J; Odiagbe, S. I. & Moyinoluwa T. D. (2018). School Location and other Moderating Factors in Junior Certificate Mathematics as Predictors of Achievements Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations in Ondo State. Journal of Curriculum Studies. Vol. 25.
  • Adebayo O.J. & Nwagwu W. E. (2016). Computer Anxiety and Computer Self-Efficacy in Computer-Based Tests in Selected Universities in South-West Nigeria, African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science, Vol. 26, No.1 (April) ( Publication from Master’s Degree Dissertation)

Email: olukunleadebayo@crawforduniversity.edu.ng

Mobile: +2348169013674, +2348153612845