Vice Chancellor’s Welcome Message

I warmly welcome you to Crawford University.

“The world is now faced with such bewildering advances in sciences and technology characterised by 5G Networks, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Vehicle, and Alternative Energy Revolution and so on.

Our national institutions of higher learning have few options other than to prepare our young people to fit into this brave new world, which is presenting challenges and opportunities.

We are doing this preparation by upgrading our curricular across all programmes to reflect the latest issues, problems and challenges these young people will most likely meet in their professional lives.

All our students, irrespective of their academic programmes will henceforth undergo compulsory exposure to the ICT, which places their foot on the rungs of ICT-competence; henceforth, our scholars will be referred to as millennial citizens of the present cyber world.

Since we are not blind to the realities of our national life, as our society battles with dwindling job stocks and unemployment Crawford University empowers its graduates with job-creating skills as entrepreneurs. This, we will do through a systematised entrepreneurship curriculum aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial thinking in the students such that beyond their academic degrees and any vocational skills acquired, through their entrepreneurial training. They will be able to accurately discern the communal need of whichever community they may find themselves and fill the niche at a sustainable profit,’’ he said.

Crawford University is going to play a significant role in the creation of entrepreneurs among the “Generation Next’’ where they are trained on the processes of starting up their own businesses.”

Prof  Reuben Jiya Kolo

Vice Chancellor