Deans' Welcome Address


I warmly welcome you to the School of Postgraduate Studies of Crawford University where high-calibre manpower are produced to turnaround local, national and global industries; to identify and solve societal problems, create jobs and eradicate poverty.  We equip our students with international best practices and skills that make them achieve their career dreams and life aspirations with ease and cost-effectiveness.


Our PG School is research-oriented and every research work is problem-driven. We impart students with critical research skills that enable them identify the core problems of the economy, businesses and governance; and to provide cutting-edge solutions to such problems through original and novel research work. This, we believe, is the key required for entrepreneurship and wealth creation.  There is no better way to become happy, comfortable and fulfilled in life than being a solution to the problems of other men, groups and institutions. At Crawford PG School, we teach our students technical, theoretical and practical skills designed to turn them into solution providers to national, local  and global challenges.


We give high premium to creativity and originality in our research work. Students are guided to embark on scientific inquiries that lead to original contributions to knowledge and not involve objectionable duplications. Originality is the basic credit point of our research enterprise. Our actual investigations are directed towards obtaining novel results. Students are encouraged to develop new ideas and obtain deep insight into the problem being investigated in order to get novel and new results which is the hallmark of good research work worldwide.  As pointed out by the physics Nobel laureate Ernst Lawrence in scientific work, creative thinking demands seeing things not seen previously, or in ways not previously imagined; and this necessitates jumping off from normal positions, and taking risks by departing from reality. No joy in academics surpasses the joy of new scientific discovery and the fame that comes with it.  We inspire our students to break new grounds and make impactful discoveries.


Presently we offer seven higher degree programmes, namely (1) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Economics, (2) PGD in Accounting/Finance, and (3) PGD in Business Administration. Others are (4) M.Sc. in Economics, (5) M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance, (6) M.Sc. in Business Administration, and (7) Master of Business Administration (MBA). All seven programmes enjoy full accreditation status with the National Universities Commission (NUC). Also, plans have reached an advanced stage to introduce Ph.D. degree programmes in Economics, Accounting, and Business Administration. New M.Sc. degree programmes are also being proposed in Sociology, Criminology, Political Science and International Relations. Others are M.Sc. in Computer Science/ICT, Geology and Mineral Sciences. These new programmes would come on stream as soon as official permission is secured from the NUC.


The postgraduate programmes in Economics, Accounting, and Business Administration started in October 2013 and thus far we have graduated three sets of PGD students and two sets each of M.Sc. and MBA students.  The minimum duration for PGD programme is 12 months (two academic semesters), 18 months or 3 academic semesters for all M.Sc. degree programmes and 24 months (or 4 academic semesters) for the MBA degree programme.  Students are allowed to pay school fees per semester, at the beginning of each semester.


We encourage our students to take full advantage of the facilities available in this University: a serene, peaceful and quiet environment, a world-class library, stocked with current textbooks and journals, including e-library/learning resources, Internet connectivity, ICT laboratory and above all, a highly efficient, experienced  and dedicated faculty.