Welcome to the College of National and Applied Sciences, Crawford University, Faith City, Igbesa in Ogun State. Nigeria. The College was established in October 2005. The five main national goals of Nigeria as stated in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are as follows:

  • A free and democratic society
  • a just and egalitarian society;
  • a united, strong and self-reliant nation;
  • a great and dynamic economy;
  • a land full of bright opportunity for all citizens.
It is in line with the above goals and the National Policy of Education and the National Policy of Science and Technology of Nigeria that the founders of this institution decided to promote the knowledge of science, technology and mathematics education among the youths through the College of Natural and Applied Science. For the past ten years, the college has been turning out graduates into the labour market with outstanding results through the programmes that have been created in the college which have been fully accredited by the National Universities Commission of Nigeria.