You are most heartily welcome to the webpage of the Registry, Crawford University, Igbesa, Ogun State. The Registry is the custodian of rules and regulations governing the University. By extension, it is the repository for all the University records; documented and classified as appropriate, such that they are easily retrievable for effective governance. It also keeps the values of traditions of the University. It is not in doubt therefore, that a Registry with the required strength and quality will constitute the hub of administration in the University.

The Registry is constituted in line with the Laws of the University and it is strategically placed to partner with other arms of the University, to ensure the accomplishment of the visions and missions of the University, through provision of support services in all ramifications and staff deployment. The Registrar The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. He is statutorily responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University, except on matters bothering on Finances and the Library. The Registrar is the Secretary to the Governing Council and the Senate of the University. By implication, as a Professional Administrator, the Registrar guides Council and Senate in their operations from time to time. Since inception, in 2005, four (4) eminent Professional Administrators had provided leadership for the Registry in the capacity of Acting Registrars in the following order:

  • 1. A. L. Egbarevba - 2005 - December 31, 2006
  • 2. S. O. Kehinde - January, 2007 - February, 2008
  • 3. Joshua Ajayi Ayeni - April, 2008 - August, 2009
  • 4. S. Adeoye - September 2009 - December, 2010

The current Registrar, Mr. 'Tunde Oluite Adekoya is an astute University Administrator and a quintessential Manager of Human and Material Resources. He has put in about twenty nine (29) years in University Administration. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc. Hons.) in Economics and Masters Degree in Personnel Psychology from Ogun-State University. He also holds a Masters Degree in Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR) from University of Ibadan.

He started his career at Ogun State University, now Olabisi Onabanjo University, as an Administrative Officer II in 1988. He rose through the ranks to the position of Deputy Registrar in 2003 having worked meritoriously in all Divisions of the University Registry, especially the Student Affairs Division, where cumulatively, he served for fourteen years. Mr. Adekoya had the priviledge of holding forth for the Registrar both at Tai Solarin University of Education, where he was on Sabbatical Leave between 2008 and 2009 and Ogun State University while the Registrar was on vocation. Mr. Adekoya is a member of the Institute of Management of Nigeria (NIM), Associate Member, Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and Member, Association of University Administrator (AUA), United Kingdom.


For ease of Administration, the Registry is divided into the following divisions:-
  • Council Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Personnel Affairs
  • Student Affairs
  • Legal & General Administration
  • Council Affairs

    The Governing Council is the highest decision making organ of the University. It has responsibility to formulate policies and ensure its implementation across board. The Governing Council is headed by the Pro-Chancellor with other member appointed by the Board of Trustees on behalf of the Proprietor/Visitor. The Registrar as the Secretary to the Governing Council, assisted by seasoned Administrators, provides secretariat assistance to the Council and ensures that all decisions of Council are fully implemented, and timely too. Council Affairs services all Committees of Council such as Finance and General Purposes Committee, Tenders Board and other Joint-Council Committees.

    Academic Affairs Division

    The Academic Affairs Division is an important Division of the Registry which handles all matter relating to academics, especially as touching record keeping and policy implementation. It ensures compliance with extant regulations on all matter bothering on Academics. The following units exist in the

    • Academic Affairs Division:
    • Senate matters
    • Examinations & Records
    • Admissions

    Senate Matters

    This serves as the secretariat for the University Senate. It facilitates and gives coverage to Senate meetings and other Committees of Senates. Decisions emanating from Senate and its Committees are monitored and implemented as appropriate. By extension, Senate activities have implications for all academic ceremonies in the University, such as Inaugural Lectures, University Lecture series, Convocation, Congregation etc.

    Examination and Records

    As the name implies, this unit takes charge of matters relating to examinations in the University to wit; examination time table, venue, examination materials, compilation of results for Senate consideration etc. Record of examinations and results are properly kept by the Unit, such that examination result slips, transcripts, notification of results and certificates are made available at beck and call. Procedure for Collection of Transcript Transcript are made available to students and graduates of the University on request. The procedure for processing of the transcript include:

    • An application/request from the student/graduate indicating the destination of the transcript;
    • Payment of the prescribed charges:- N10,000 (within Nig.) and N15,000 (outside Nigeria), into any of the following University accounts through NEFT. Under no condition should cash be paid into the account.
    • It should be noted that transcripts are only sent directly to the institution, body or agent making such request and not issued to individual applicant.
    • Admissions It is responsible for sourcing and processing admission of candidates into the various programmes of the University. It relates with, and provides secretarial assistance to the University Admissions Committee. The Unit is also saddled with the responsibility of relating with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board and organize the conduct of Post-UTME screening for prospective candidates. The Unit also takes charge of admissions into Sub-Degrees/Certificate Programmes of the University such as Joint University Preliminary Examination Board JUPEB.

      Personnel Division

      Personnel Division is a core division in the Registry which is saddled with the responsibility of handling all staff related matters starting from the point of recruitment, appointment, placement, promotion, discipline and all matters bothering on the welfare of staff. The Division provides secretarial services for all the staff -related Committees at all levels of University governance. The Division operates through the following Units:

      • Academic Staff Matters
      • Senior Non-Teaching Staff Matters
      • Junior Staff Matters

      Academic Staff Matter

      Academic staff include all persons employed for the purpose of teaching or conducting research, including the Professional Librarians. The University operates through Committee system and therefore, most of the decisions affecting Academic Staff are taken at the Appointments and Promotions Committee (Academic) and subsequently the Governing Council. Staff Training and development are also handled by the Unit, especially in the area of Conferences, Workshops etc.

      Senior Staff Matters

      Senior staff in this regard covers all Senior Non-Teaching Staff whose salaries fall within CUNAS 06 and 15. Bulk of the decisions affecting Senior Staff are taken at the level of Committees, such as Appointments & Promotions Committee (Administrative & Technical) Staff Disciplinary Committee, Staff Welfare Committee etc. The Unit also takes charge of Staff Training and Development, Health, Safety related matter and Pensions.

      Junior Staff Matters

      This relates to all non-teaching staff whose salaries fall within CUNAS 01-05 in the University. This category of staff are equally important, hence, the need for a separate Unit to take care of all matters bothering on their employment contract with the University. Like the Senior Staff Matters, most of the decision affecting the Junior Staff are taken via the related Committees such as the Appointments and Promotions Committee (Junior) headed by the Registrar, Staff Welfare Committee etc.

      Student Affairs Division

      The Division is saddled with the responsibility of handling all students related matters such as Hostel/Housekeeping, Guidance and Counseling, Catering, Scholarship, Students’ Associations, Discipline, National Youth Service etc. The Unit is headed by a Dean with administrative support from the Registry. In this regard, the Registrar has an oversight function as the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. For ease of Administration, the

        Division operates partly, through the following Units:
      • Catering Unit
      • Housekeeping Unit (Male)
      • Housekeeping Unit (Female)
      • Environmental & Sanitation Unit
      • Guidance & Counseling Unit

      Legal & General Administration Division

      This Division as the name implies, handles all legal related matters, internal and external, for the University. Since the University operates within the larger society, there is need for proper monitoring and advice that conform with extant societal rules and regulations. The Unit advises Management and even, the Governing Council on all contractual matters and partnerships from time to time. The General Administration component of the Unit handles all other important duties that are not under any specific unit of the Registry, such as postal courier services, commercial activities and other common services as may be defined by the Administration.

      College Offices

      The College office is headed by a College Officer who by virtue of being an Administrative Officer, represents, the Registrar at that level. The College Officer provides administrative support to the Dean and the College at large in all areas of academic endeavours. The College Officer facilitates all the College meetings and ensures proper implementation of all the decision taken at the various levels of the College. The College Officer is constantly in touch with the Registrar to keep him abreast of the challenges and the progress recorded by the College. Once again, you are most heartily welcome to the Web-page of the Registry. We will keep operating within the dictates of the world best practices. Thank you.