Criminology and Security Studies

The Department of Social Sciences in Crawford University presently consists of Sociology. Sociology studies  the  ways  that  social  structure  and  interactions  shape  human  experience.  Criminology  and Security Studies is a newly introduced course in the department.

Criminology - Career Options and Tips to Become a Good Criminologist

The challenges being faced by the society as a result of crime and insecurity compel the need to focus on human capacity building to tackle the menace. Empirical evidences abound that the master minders of crime and insecurity are largely people of high intellectual prowess. It is therefore, necessary that tertiary institution rise up to the

challenges of training and deepening the capacity of the personnel to combat the problems of crime and

insecurity in this country and the world at large. Hence, there is necessity for the birth of this course.

Criminology and Security studies method of research are diverse, ranging from the quantitative analysis of large data surveys to qualitative approaches such as in – depth interviewing, participant observation, focus groups discussion, and historical investigation. The department encourages students to study issues from a variety of perspectives and to develop criminological and security imaginations that enable them to analyse social problems of crime and insecurity. For example, all the 300 Level students undergo compulsory three months practicum (CSS 308) in any organisation of their choice approved by the Department, thus blending theories with practical realities on the field.

At the end of 4 year course, students are made to write original essays under close supervision by College members. The college is blessed with experts in all courses approved by the NUC for the University during the last accreditation exercise. Whether the goal is to become an informed citizen or an expert in a special field, the Department offers the tools and knowledge to help students make sense of the world around them.    


 UME Admission: Candidates for admission into the four year degree programme should possess a Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination or National Examination Council or their equivalents with at least five credit passes of which must include English Language, Mathematics and Economics; the other remaining two credits required for registration are determined by the department.

Criminology Subject Guide

Direct Entry: Candidates for direct entry admission shall possess 5 credit passes in the Senior Secondary

School Certificate or General Certificate Examination or their equivalents, of which at least 2 shall be at the Advanced level or 4 credit passes of which at least 3 shall be at the Advanced level, provided that such  passes  are  not  counted  at  both  levels  of  the  examinations. 

Sometimes,  Crawford  Foundation, National Certificate of Education (NCE) and Diploma may be considered as A-level equivalents. B.Sc. degree of a recognized University in a related field, ND upper credit or HND, in relevant courses. Students with professional qualification such as ACA, ACCA, may be considered.


An applicant must have completed 12 years pre-tertiary education i.e. someone who has finished six years of Primary School, three of Junior Secondary School (JSS) and three in the Senior Secondary School  (SSS)  in  the  Nigerian  Educational  System  or  to  possess  equivalent/superior  credentials.  In addition, applicants must take the mandatory University Matriculations Examination (UME) and pass at prescribed levels.

Graduation Requirement

To be eligible for the award of a B. Sc. degree of Criminology and Security Studies a student must obtain stipulated minimum total units of 162 and maximum of 178 units.  

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS To be eligible for the award of B. Sc. (Hons) degree in Criminology and Security Studies, the students must register for and pass a minimum of 162 units

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The Programme is planned over a four-year period consisting of eight semesters. 

Each semester consists of about seventeen (17) weeks, fifteen (15) of which are devoted to formal teaching, peri-curriculum instruction and assessments.  Each course (especially 3-unit credit courses) includes a scheduled mandatory one (1) hour tutorial class per week. 


Tuition Fee – Click here to see details  (Fee per session – 100 Level to 400 Level).

Kindly note that all matters concerning finance, bills, scholarship and all such should be referred to the Bursary Department of Crawford University.

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