Welcome to The Division, Students Affairs.

The Division of Students Affairs

is a Unit that is established for the welfare of students. This important unit of the University is involved in students welfare programme and activities right from their admission through to their graduation and even beyond. The Division serves as the bridge connecting the students and the University. At Crawford, the policy of in loco parentis starts in the Division. The Division is in charge of Hostel accommodation. It makes sure that students get the best in terms of neat and secure environment as a first step in warm welcome. The Division does not compromise students' right either. Our students are respected and protected. Immediately following students admission, the Unit organises orientation programme for the fresh students. This programme exposes the students to University community including the rules and regulations, and the University culture. Through the activities of the Division, students get familiarized with the university, including its various units and departments. During the orientation programmed organized by the Division, a document known as Students Handbook, which is published by the Unit and which contains the rules guiding their studentship, is made available to the students. The hand book is the constitution that contains rules of engagement, even as it guides students' action and inaction while their studentship lasts. So students are acquainted with rules of engagement. Students are expected to abide by the rules, maintain high of discipline in conformity with Divine principle. The Division has oversight function and supervision of Halls of Residence and Cafeteria. The Unit also works in close liaison with the Colleges, Departments, Units, Course Programmes, Lecturers, Counselling Centre, Bursary, University Library, Medical Centre, Security Unit, Works and Services, Horticulture, Environmental, Ventures, Parents' Forum and Mini-market. All the aforementioned Units and Departments involve directly or indirectly in Students' matters on a daily basis. Students Affairs Division is interested in the activities of these Units and Departments inasmuch as they interact with students. The Unit serves as intermediary between the students and the various publics already identified including Students' associations. The goal is to make students happy and their stay on campus worthwhile. Students Affairs Division also works in tandem with Academic Affairs Office in the collection, collation and processing fresh graduates for National Service Programme. The Unit also has good working relationship with the Admissions Office. And on behalf of the university, the Division coordinates the activities of the Alumni Association. The Unit also serves as a gate way to the University as it interfaces with various Organizations and Institutions which have one form of business or the other with students and graduates such as scholarship, vacation jobs, employment and admission into higher degree programmes. Most importantly, the Division facilitates the Spiritual and Godly training of the students. It ensures that students attend Church service and Bible studies. The motto of Crawford University is Knowledge with Godliness. For that reason Godly training is taken seriously. It can be summarized therefore that the Students Affairs Division is an integral part of the University Community. The Unit is active and functioning optimally. It has not relented in the efforts to move the University forward. The Division is therefore making itself relevant by discharging her primary duties for the progress of our University. It is highly appreciated and supported by University Management and the various publics which it interacts and interfaces with. The Division has made the welfare of the student a paramount function. The Division is capable of its duties. It has been positioned to make valuable contributions for the growth of Crawford University. It will not be found wanting in the discharge of its primary assignment.

Thank you.
Dr. A.O. Adeola.
Dean, Students Affairs.