Our History

The Apostolic Faith Mission (of Portland Oregon) was founded by the late Rev. (Mrs) Florence Louise Crawford in 1906 in the city of Portland Oregon, USA. A branch of the church was founded in Nigeria in 1944 by the late Rev. Timothy Gbadebo Oshokoya. The church has its international headquarters in Portland Oregon, U.S.A. with regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and Africa. In Africa, the church is headed by the Africa Overseer (or Superintendent for Africa) who is based in Lagos, Nigeria.
The Africa Overseer, Rev. Paul Oge Akazue (Late), the proprietor of the University, succeeded Rev. Josiah Soyinka who himself succeeded Rev. Timothy Gbadebo Oshokoya. The Africa headquarters situated at Anthony Village, Lagos, is responsible for the administration of all branch churches in the continent. Each country, where the church exists, is headed by a country overseer (or district superintendent). Any country or branch church within the country is financially self supporting.

The Apostolic Faith is a fundamental, trinitarian and evangelistic church. The church's mission is to pray, preach and publish and thereby enable millions of lost humanity know Christ and His redemptive power. The church is a non-profit organization run through voluntary tithes and offerings from members. THE EVOLUTION OF CRAWFORD UNIVERSITY The Church believes that the tripod of righteousness, resourcefulness and prayerfulness is a time-tested platform on which the true greatness of many nations had been built. The mooring for this notion is the eternal verity - "Righteousness exalts a nation". The ministry of Apostolic faith considers the Nigerian Government's deregulation of education policy as a golden opportunity for the Church to participate in the upgrading of educational standards in the country, by establishing her own educational institutions. The Church realizes that education is a social service which cannot be financed purely on a sustainable basis with students' fees. Furthermore, the Church is undertaking the venture, simply because the Church believes that she has a sacred and patrotic duty to lend a helping hand to alleviate the ills which plague all the tiers of educational delivery in the country. Crawford University is, therefore, a bold attempt by the Church to diversify into the third tier of education. The effort is geared towards producing graduates with moral excellence, self-confidence, inventive dynamism, and creativity. The Church believes that such graduates will be able to generate for themselves and the society in general, meaningful solutions to unemployment and other pressing manpower needs of the nation.